Friday, 2 April 2010


..unfortunately I couldnt cope with Typepad. I found it impossible to leave comments and sometimes couldnt even sign in. Anyway now I need to work out to cancel my subscription and how to move my type-pad posts back to blogger. If anyone can help me out please let me know.

On the creative front, Im very excited about my first pair of pj's I created today.

I used this super pattern. As a beginner sewer, I emailed Toni for some assistantce and lucky for me she replied back with the answer within the hour. Not bad for Good Friday. Thanks Toni! I forgot to by some trim fabric, so put my hand on some old calico curtains I had stored away and used the main fabric to embelllish it.

Meggy loves it. Now she wants an appliqued kitten (Ginger) top to match as well - so will work on that over Easter. The older one wants a pair too. Im thinking something with an asian twist. She's learing Japanese at school and is in to all things asian.

In other news, we're about to bid on our first investment property. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Will share more details if we get lucky.

Happy Easter Everyone


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the PJ's!! Glad your Easter weekend is featuring some sewing.

make it perfect said...

CUTE!!! What a beautiful girl you have too :)