Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Hearts for Mirabel

My first heart for the Mirabel foundation will soon be on its way to Mikes. I have a very different 2nd one in progress. Stay tuned....

Other exciting news this week
1. I splurged on a new camera - I should take hold of it in the next few days. Will hold back on the details until it arrives.
2. Zoe starts in Grade 1 tommorow.
3. Meg starts 3 y.o kinder on Friday.
4. I started back at work today ( After 6 weeks on "holiday's" with the kids - any break is exciting!)

ps Thanks for the lovely comments encouraging me to stay off the dreaded ciggy's. So far so good!

Thursday, 24 January 2008

This is ......what scares me

After smoking 25 cigs a day for the past 25 years its hard to know what I'm more fearful of - giving up or not being able to give up!

Anyway I'm into day 4 at the moment - so far so good.

Ive had to post early this week as off to Albury tommorow to visit dear friends for the long weekend.

To see what scares everyone else visit Angela's blog.

Have a good weekend all.

Monday, 21 January 2008

This is....

Ive jumped on the This is... bandwagon. Thanks to Angela for hosting.
This is my favorite cup. Im a tea drinker, but this is not your average tea cup.

Elements of a good cup:

1. It must have a base not much narrower than its top,
2. It must be thin rimmed
3. It should be white on the inside.

Oh and this is what my Cathedral Quilt has become! I added the buttons to cover up my corners (they were no where near as neat as Leah's)

Have a good week everyone.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Summer Madness

November, December & January is always a manic time for us.
This is what we've been up to....

1. Zoe's 6 y.o birthday. Mooroduc to Mornington Train Ride. (Nov)

2. Luna Park Trip (Nov).

3. Christmas...

4. Boxing Day. Off to McCrae for 2 1/2 weeks....

5. Megs 4 y.o Birthday (Jan)

6. And finally...off to my folks in the country for a week, for a spot of ...

4 wheel driving

Discovering.... this gorgeous little camping spot not far from Apollo Bay


and of course, swimming

Im exhausted just thinking about it.

Happy New Year Everyone!