Sunday, 31 January 2010

My Creative Space

Ive always been happy to sew anything but clothes.
Im fine with cushions, curtains, softies, long as its not wearable, then count me in.

But I think this may finally be the year.

So I found myself the easiest skirt pattern out there in blogland and got cracking.

So whilst Im sure I'll never be a professional seamstress, Im pretty happy with how they turned out for a first attempt. A black one for Zoe (for some reason my 8 year old is into black????)

And a pretty pink one with extra embellishments for the girly girl.

Perfect for sharing secrets on the deck!

To check out more creative spaces, head across to Kirsty's place.

Ciao for now


Jennie said...

Wow, I am exactly the same! Quite happy with the soft toys, cushions etc, but not making clothes. I had a go at the skirts recently too, and its the only 'clothes thing' I can do at the mo....!

one little acorn said...

Love the skirt - it looks great. Your creative space is great too. What a lovely place to work your magic.

Jessi said...

beautiful pics, your girls remind me of my sister and i.

the skirts are great! love meg's name on the trim :)

Little Ted Canvas said...

Gorgeous creations! Thanks for visiting my blog, I'll be sure to pop over your way regularly too.