Sunday, 13 June 2010

Makin Stuff....

A modified version of a spoon full of sugar's knitting bag.

I'm not a big fan of the normal range of fabrics at Spotlight, but I was pleasantly surprised with this find.

Lisa's version has a lot more detail than mine (a sign of a very time poor crafter!), but I'm particularly happy with the velcro closure.
In other news weve been busy at home installing new double glazed windows.

The photo's dont do it justice, but they look great. We had the triangle ones put in especially to let in the morning sun. The house is starting to have a real ski lodge feel. Its great.

Were thinking we may have to replace the traditional leadlight window now to match the contemporary feel of the new windows.

Thats it for now....

ps, I'm trying out a new design template, which Im really liking. Problem is, in the change, Ive lost the links to the pics in my sidebar. When I go into edit, the links are there but when I try to click on the pics from the blog it doesnt work. I'd be grateful for any suggestions!