Saturday, 16 May 2009

New Additions

Meet Tess and Bonnie...

Tess belongs to Zoe

and Bonnie belongs to Meg

Happy Weekend Every-one

Monday, 11 May 2009

Our New Home

Finally....after a very prolonged settlement, we're in and starting to settle in. We've moved from a suburban block to 3 acres and loving it.
Here are some pics...

1. The House - Part Mud brick with new corrugated iron extension

2. Lounge/Kitchen with original brick flooring (which I must admit Im still getting used to!)

3. Our bedroom - new part of the house obviously

4. Another shot of our bedroom looking out onto what will be my craft room!

5. Another shot of the craft room to be

6. View from the top of the street

7.The old gallery (now DH's shed)Thats about it for now. I hope all the mums out there had a gorgeous mothers day. Given the coolish nights down here, I was very blessed with a new electric blanket, some home made lavendar, yogurt and honey face mask and some home made truffles.
Ciao for now
BTW - Stay tuned for a look at a couple of new additions to the family coming this weekend!