Friday, 12 October 2007


No luck with the camera folks...
This is one of my favorite video snippets of meggy-moo when she was younger. We call this clip "Caterpillar". Gotta love those curls.

Ive also been playing around with fd's flicker toys. Im still trying to work out how to do the mosaics. If anyone can offer some assistance I'd appreciate it.

On a crafty note, I have many things underway. The cathedral window
quilt is coming along. Unfortunately I ran out of my Michael Miller cream/green dotty dot fabric (shown) despite efforts from numerous people in trying to hunt it down. I only need 1 metre! A special thankyou to Jennie at Posie Patchwork up north who went out of her way to try to locate it.

Speaking of exceptional service, I also went to patchwork on central park yesterday. It was fantastic. The variety of fabric unbelievable. I picked myself up some gorgeous Joel Dewberry fabric. I now am ready to get going on numerous christmas projects, and with a horrible Melbourne weather forecast this weekend, I should be able to get right into it. If only I had a camera I'd take some pics. Maybe Santa will be kind to me this year!

Have a good weekend.


Sarah said...

Hi! I just found your blog from the comment you left on Little Glowing Lights.
I love fd's flicker toys. Hours of fun. The mosaics are great. What are you having trouble with? I'll see if I can help.

Sarah said...

Hi Libby

Oh dear I haven't had that problem with the mosaics. Hmm, tis strange. I'm sorry I can't help more but next time I make a mosaic I will pay attention to it and let you know if I can help further!
Have a good weekend

posiepatchwork said...

Hi Libby, oh shucks, thanks for the nice comment & i am determined to find that Dotty Dot print for you. Your blog is so fun, think you're a lot like me - lots of little girls (we have a boy at the end though), i'm 32 with a life revolving around a career in sewing, school runs, the gym, healthy eating & loving my husband. Forget study, i did 2 degrees before children & haven't used them, yawn. I can't believe that broken leg!! Geesh, i too find public hospital care alarming. Our son had severe tonsilitis & it took 3 hours for someone in A&E to look down his throat!! This poor limp little 3y.o. Every time they asked if i had any questions, i'd say "yes, we have private health insurance, can we please be transferred to the private hospital". Then it was back to the old maternity/ pediatric ward at Darwin Private where i had all 4 babies, the same midwives, nurses, even my OB popped by to say hello. I was treated like a queen & ate my son's meals, yummo!! Love Posie