Monday, 21 January 2008

This is....

Ive jumped on the This is... bandwagon. Thanks to Angela for hosting.
This is my favorite cup. Im a tea drinker, but this is not your average tea cup.

Elements of a good cup:

1. It must have a base not much narrower than its top,
2. It must be thin rimmed
3. It should be white on the inside.

Oh and this is what my Cathedral Quilt has become! I added the buttons to cover up my corners (they were no where near as neat as Leah's)

Have a good week everyone.


Stomper Girl said...

That is a gorgeous cushion. I have to drink tea from a cup that is white inside too!

Hyena In Petticoats said...


The cushion looks GORGEOUS!

I love the button detailing, too - that's a really good idea....

And just so you know, my quilt isn't all THAT neat!

Well done lovely,

Leah xxx

Jodie said...

Yikes - that cushion is awesome !

Ainslie said...

Wow, that cushion is fabulous. You are very clever. Thanks for your comment on my blog which led me to your blog!!! I'm looking forward to having a dig around in your achives later on.

Annie said...

Love your cathedral quilt cushion - thanks for dropping by and look forward to seeing you again soon in my flowergarden.

Victoria said...

I bet everyone who sees that cushion wants to touch it!