Friday, 30 October 2009

October 09....

I cant belive its almost 2 months since I last posted. Heres a quick snapshot of whats happening in my life:
  • Work continues to be crazy (no real change there)

  • Zozo had her first decent hair cut (not bad at age nearly 8!)

  • Dog's continue to be a challenge - and cant fill really fill you in any more because 8 year old is a really good reader!

  • DH encountered his first tiger snake (thank god I wasnt home or I suspect I'd be insisting on a move into town!)

  • Meggy Moo is in her last term of kinder....heartbreaking

  • Zoe wanted a horse.....for about 2 weeks, then changed her mind
  • Meg and Mummy still want a horse.

  • we will get one.
  • DH continues to prepare my craft room...just in case I have 5 mins in my life to sew, paint, or scrap-book (pics to come)
  • Were not long back from a road trip across to Adelaide. Apart from the normal "touristy things"...

  • We had a great time visiting family....

  • Still cant believe how lovely the people are here at our new home, and how tolerant they are of us "Melbournites".

  • Cant believe how blessed I am to have, good health (still off the fags), a beautiful husband, wonderful children, and a great life in general.

  • Someone turns 8 this Sunday. Have a great long weekend!

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CurlyPops said...

Wowee how time flies! Hope you have a great weekend too.