Saturday, 16 June 2007

An almost perfect Saturday.

Cant believe my two little cherubs are now 5 (going on 18) and 3 (and wanting to stay "wittle"). Will divuldge more about them (and me) later, but this is how we spent our day.

Was supposed to be down at the beach for my group personal training at 8am. Woke at 7:55am! B.....r (4 weddings and a funeral). Anwyay got there albeit 10 minutes late. Worked hard for the short time I was there.

Came home to The Age - rolled up on the front door step. (Gotta love home delivery - even if its just on the weekends). Had a leisurely breakfast with the kids, hubby and The Age (my perfect Saturday morning). Took the kids to see Shrek 3. Now, we dont go to the movies very often (in fact cant recall the last time we went). And now I remember why - it cost us $55 for admission and $22 for snacks! Unbelievable, I think we'll now continue to wait for the DVD - much cheaper and alot more cosy.

After the movie, went to visit my Mum in hosp. Day 1 post lung surgery and doing well. Will fill you in more on that in a later post. After the visit and catching up with an old nursing buddy, we were home bound. After having home made fish and chips (ok oven fries and john west oven bake fish fillets) we snuggled in for movie number 2 for the day - Scooby Doo. It was a shocker. But having the whole day to spend with my family, no housework, no work-work and no other demands on our time was just bliss.

Now the kids are sound asleep, hubby's finishing reading the paper and I get the chance to write my first post.

Thanks for dropping by.



leslie said...

hi there,

thanks for dropping by my blog and congrats on setting up your own! looking forward to hearing more about your life and family. and by all means, link to me whenever you'd like : )


Stomper Girl said...

Congratulations on starting a new blog! I'm impressed that you find personal training on the beach of a morning a great start to a perfect Saturday! I suppose it feels good after you've finished. I would have trouble leaving the bed in the first place. You are most welcome to link me :-)

Suse said...

Hi, thanks for visiting pea soup, and yes of course you may link to me!

Good luck with your blog.

VictoriaE said...

Hey there, welcome to the life of blogging!

Anonymous said...

when do we get more love the photos