Sunday, 17 June 2007

Thru the eyes of a five year old

The eldest has become a shutterbug. She goes around the house with the digital camera taking pics of whatever takes her fancy. I thought this was an interesting composition of life as seen by a 5 year old. Enjoy your day.

Bedroom rug

Shoe collection (watch out amelda marcos!)


Playroom shelves

TheThe diaries.


Kate said...

Great shoe collection! Welcome to the blogging world - it is such a great thing!

paper. string. cloth said...

Thanks for dropping by!
I love the photos my 6 year old nephew takes on his own....he's usually so excited that the camera shakes and we all come out very blurry and "artistic"!

Catherine said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! So lovely to have comments so soon!
I look forward to reading more on your blog, such an exciting world!

neta said...

Hhi Zoesquid,
congratulations for your new blog and thanks for adding me.
I love the photos of your daughter it's interesting to think what make her taking these shoots instead of another.

VictoriaE said...

Hienz Lentil Soup - now on my shopping list!